Equitable Division of Assets for Probate, Custodial Care, or Divorce

How to insure fairness in estate distributions.  You have just been assigned the job of managing the estate of a loved one that has passed away or needed to relocated into a nursing home.  Or, a divorce has made it necessary to equitably manage the distribution of assets, both real estate and … [Read more...]

Can I Avoid Paying Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of My Home

When you are selling your primary residence, it is very common that the value of the home is greater than at the time you purchased the property. Generally speaking, any time there is an advancement of value either by work effort or investment, the government(s) places claim to levy taxes on those … [Read more...]

Short Sale Assistance Update, January 2016

Short Sale Assistance of Up To $4,500 for Distressed Arizona Homeowners For the Arizona homeowners that can no longer afford their homes and are pursuing a short sale, they may be eligible for financial help with their relocation to alternative housing. The funds come from the Short Sale … [Read more...]

Staged Home vs Vacant house, What’s the Point

People Don't Buy Houses, They Buy Homes The number one reason a buyer purchases a home is because it "felt like home".  I've heard buyers say that the home spoke to them as soon as they crossed the front door threshold.  Is the impression warm, inviting and affording the buyer to make an emotional … [Read more...]

27 Ways for Sellers to Prepare for a Home Inspection … and a Bonus Tip!!

Sellers, the Home Inspector has just completed the Inspection of your house.  You and your Listing Agent are eagerly looking over the report.  WHAT?  The Inspector has written, "not tested" "unable to access/not inspected", in several places on the report.  Oh, no!  The Buyer and the Buyer's Broker … [Read more...]

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