Staged Home vs Vacant house, What’s the Point

08-TaborPeople Don’t Buy Houses, They Buy Homes

The number one reason a buyer purchases a home is because it “felt like home”.  I’ve heard buyers say that the home spoke to them as soon as they crossed the front door threshold.  Is the impression warm, inviting and affording the buyer to make an emotional connection with the home.  When have you ever heard of an empty room described as warm and inviting?  Sterile, cold and uninviting are three most popular words to describe an empty room.

Without Furniture, There Is No Frame of Reference

How big is the room?  Without furniture it’s incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room.  When the buyer does not have answers to their questions-they walk away.  What is this room for?  Many times a buyer can’t even tell if it’s the living room or dining room in an unfurnished home.  Don’t keep them guessing, because it only distracts them from considering the home as a purchase.

When A Room Is Kept Empty, Buyers Focus On Negative Details

Can you imagine a brand new luxury car without a paint job?  Do you think people would notice the beautiful car or the missing paint?  It’s so much easier to notice that crack in the wall, or the chip in the tile when there is nothing else to look at.  Home staging capitalizes on the positive aspects of a home, while de-emphasizing negative aspects in order to position a home that will make an emotional connection with buyers.

Only 10% of Home Buyers Can Actually Visualize The Potential Of A Home

Nine out of every ten people walking in your home have no imagination of the wonderful possibilities your home has to offer them.  They just can’t picture it.  Don’t let a simple thing like no furniture or limited furniture reduce your sale potential or perhaps ruin your sale.

Taking Notice To The Professionals

Have you ever walked into a home builder’s model home only to find it barren of staging, or watched a Do-It-Yourself real estate program on the television without them showing the finished product complete with furniture and accessories on walls and shelves.  The goal is to help the observer envision themselves enjoying the full benefits of the home.

Home Sellers Realize Greater Sales Proceeds

The cost of staging a home is always less than the first price reduction.  Making a good first impression is critically important to attracting a buyer when the home is first brought to the market.  Past experience demonstrates that a home that is properly presented to the market and accurately priced will produce the best results for the seller.  Check out Sonoran Accents, a home staging & redesign service for ideas for your home’s listing.

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