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Peak Residential Advisors, which is primarily an experienced residential real estate team, has a sister division that focuses extensively on commercial properties including Office, Industrial, Land & Lots, Retail, Multi-Family, Commercial Leasing, and well as Business Opportunities.  Our commercial division is successful in greater measure due to the unique blend of skills, experience and formal training.  In addition, the commercial division has tools and third party industry services that aid in the development of the financial analysis needed to support their clients needs.  You can also find specialized legal services by our team member that has practiced real estate law for over a decade.

Management, and some personnel, is consistent between the two divisions offering a seamless solution to Peak Residential Advisor clients that have interest in both a commercial purchase to go along with their residential properties.  Our ability to coordinate both commercial and residential real estate professionals into one integrated solution benefits clients who are looking to relocated their businesses including key personnel.

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