About Utton Photography

Utton Photography was first formally established in 1985. Greg Utton started out primarily photographing weddings. Since then Mr. Utton has photographed over 500 weddings when he decided it was time to take on some new challenges. In 2007, the transition was made to commercial photography, focusing primarily on real estate and architecture. Greg has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering which gives him the technical background in all that is involved in digital photography. That combined with his art and photographic background places Greg in a unique position to appreciate and accomplish quality photography for real estate and architecture.

Many photographers use an HDR (high dynamic range) approach to accomplishing real estate photography. However, Greg prefers to use balanced lighting to yield higher quality, crisp, color accurate photos. Mr. Utton has studied interior lighting photographer under world renowned Scott Hargis who is a practicing Architecture/real estate photographer who is in demand in the US and around the world in locations including Australia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, etc. The technique Greg uses yields the type of photographs you will see on the covers of “Better Homes and Gardens” and “Architectural Digest”.

There is no substitute for quality!

Utton Photography, LLC
1654 N Hunt Dr
Mesa, AZ 85203

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